Okay, I haven't done anything "drastic" to my hair since the early 2000s (no haters). But thought it would be great to try something new. Went on Pinterest. Got a lot of ideas. Visited the stylist. And I had time for my thoughts to wander.
  1. Will this new do scream "trying to hard?"
    Like I said, I hadn't done anything interesting to the do since I graduated high school. Will my students judge me since I went with hair inspiration from the youngins of today?
  2. WGAF what others think?! I LOVE the hair color.
    Yeah, I think my stylist did a great job.
  3. I wish I had more money to get everything done.
    I work in education. Maybe I should be a little bit more conservative with some of my spending. Hair and facial will suffice for the next six to ten month. Pinching pennies again. But it was worth the almost four hours of almost relaxing.
  4. I need to email so-and-so before 5p.
    Yes, I still had sometime to do work-related things while the color set. I think I was able to do an hour.
  5. *light bulb goes on* MUST TEXT *enter all my idea/otter friends/colleagues* about this AMAZING IDEA/project.
    Hell yes. Came up with some stellar ideas that I cannot wait to meet and discuss with the crew.
  6. I'm hungry.
    Carbs. Give me carbs. Rghhhhhhh.
  7. What audio book should I get next time?
    I love you, Amazon Prime/Kindle.
  8. Crap. I have a lot of work to catch up on tonight.
    All-nighter tonight. That's okay. Worth it.
  9. I am very blessed to have flexible hours this week.
    What can I say? I love my job. Sometimes my Sunday's are like Tuesday's or Wednesday's.