Aka ladies - don't sleep with them till they calm the fuck down.
  1. Football players
  2. Politicians who oppose abortions in all circumstances
  3. Serial killers
    Ladies: do. not. date. Charles. Manson. And stop marrying Robert Durst. PLEASE don't make me say this again.
  4. Members of the KKK
    I'm not saying you always need to know where your man is. But you do always need to know he's not in the KKK.
  5. Climate change deniers
    They deny, they GET denied.
  6. Frat boys
    Cool hazing rituals, bro! Cool "Welcome to Campus" sign, bro! Cool party theme, bro; not racist at all, bro!
  7. Scientologists
    Banging them is not tax deductible, so let's skip it.
  8. Hugh Heffner
    I know he's rich. But at what cost, ladies!
  9. Anyone with a man bun