Fights I Had With My Best Friends in Elementary School

  1. Who should get which half of our Best Friend necklaces
    I WANT BEST. You be Friend.
  2. Can we watch Saved by the Bell at Melissa's house if Jody's mom doesn't let Jody watch it at home?
    An ethical quandary.
  3. Who gets to sit in the middle
    Of anything.
  4. Gap Dream or Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon?
    Gap Dream. Come on.
  5. How to pronounce the word "horrible"
    Har-able vs whore-ible. East coast vs west coast problems. This was an ongoing issue in our friend group.
  6. Who got to be the youngest sibling in pretend adventures
    The youngest is the one who gets to be mischievous and mess stuff up. The oldest has to save everyone. BORING.
  7. Did your foot touch the Chinese jump rope?
    Sure it didn't. I believe you.
  8. Whether or not you are REQUIRED to like a boy in your class
    Pretty sure we landed on yes.
  9. If three of us are hanging out, how do we play kickball so that everyone gets the same number of chances to kick?
    This is basically a calculus problem.
  10. What is Jessica's problem?!
    Are her parents divorced? Does she think she's cool bc of her older brother? We must figure out WHY she's the worst!
    We only just figured out that kickball thing...
  12. Is it slutty to touch a boy during your class's choreographed dance to Jingle Bell Rock at the Christmas Assembly?
    Only sluts say it isn't!