Hot Takes My Mother Had During Her Recent Trip to NYC

  1. This museum installation about 9/11 is too dark!
  2. The mini fridge in our hotel room is too loud.
  3. That train is approaching the station too fast!
  4. That train is approaching the station too slow.
  5. This play did not have the windmill effect I was hoping it would have.
  6. Why is that person trying to get me to take a tree home! People don't even know how to care for trees.
    Million Trees NYC was doing a tree giveaway. HOW DARE THEY.
  7. The hotel bed is too soft.
  8. This store does NOT look like a place my son would shop!
    Note: We were not going to that store.
  9. The announcements on the subway sound like gibberish!
  10. Where is the entrance to the Barclays Center? This place is confusing.
  11. The remote control boats in Central Park probably break down way too much!
    There were no broken boats in the water.
  12. Sub List - Foods my mother expressed a deep disgust for that she did not have to eat and that were not offered to her but that just came up in conversation: Indian food, nachos, bagels, Thousand Island Dressing, all gummi products, pizza that is too saucy, flan, muffins that are too large
  13. If Bill de Blasio eliminates horse drawn carriages, won't that put a lot of people out of work!
    No. It won't.