Knowledge About Where I Work That Would Be Lost Forever if I Got Hit by a Bus Tomorrow

The perils of working in a small office.
  1. Why is there duct tape in the printer?
    It's holding everything together. Don't touch it!!
  2. Why isn't the password in the password doc letting me into our online banking?
    Oh you're trying to use THAT password? That's not the password.
  3. What's up with this project budget?
    Who knows where budget numbers come from? They just appear.
  4. What are all these tiny flashlights for?
    I'M NOT TELLING! But keep on keeping them.
  5. What's this pile of papers?
    Probably our taxes. Or: garbage.
  6. What materials did we submit with that grant?
    The answer is in a thumbdrive that never leaves my laptop, which I carry with me to and from work everyday. Hope it survi...
  7. Where. The. Fuck. Are. The. Stamps.
    With the tiny flashlights! DuhDOI.