1. Running for local political office
  2. The listing app
  3. Getting pregnant
  4. American Girl Doll puppet shows
  5. Becoming an executive assistant at Google
  6. Learning to tap dance
    Maybe I'd be surprisingly good at it and could skyrocket to the top of the field with relatively little effort!
  7. Going to space
  8. Writing a screenplay about going to space
  9. Going to law school but doing a really bad job there to get some time to figure out what I actually want to do
    Can't be that hard to fail law school.
  10. Dog walking
  11. Inventing a thing like a money sorter that matches your socks
  12. Recording an album that's all covers of Taylor Swift songs
  13. Haberdashery
    My friend is getting married in the UK soon and it could be a good opportunity to launch my new venture!
  14. Cattle futures
    Probably shouldn't have told you that one...
  15. Marrying rich
  16. Death
    "Oh Pete. That's later! Maybe we'll be dead by then!" -Liz Lemon