Based on true, real life experiences and/or observations I've had as a twenty-something female living in California!
  1. I'm a Feminist But I Still Shave My Legs
  2. I Walked In On My Parents Having Sex and I Had To Be The One To Comfort Them
    Because at least somebody in the fam is getting some, amirite?!?
  3. I Cried Over an Orange Tree but Then A Stranger Told Me I Was Pretty
  4. 5 Reasons Why Protest Is The New Brunch #SundayFunday
  5. Looking for A #Femtor Because All Men Suck
  6. How To Get in Shape For Beach Season Even Though You Live in L.A. and It's Literally Always Beach Season
  7. Saying NO In A Culture of Yes And: When The Guys In Your Free Improv Workshop Always Make You Play A Prostitute
  8. 4 Things You Can Spiralize That Are Not Vegetables If You Just Got Broken Up With
  9. Wow! This Guy Likes Girls Who Like To Go Out But Also Like To Stay In Sometimes
  10. OMG! This Girl Thought She Was Dating A Frat Star But He Was Really A Plain Bagel Wearing A Snapback
    Print edition only.