Requested by @meldecandia 's sister Jenny! These are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head- will update with more as I think about it!
  1. #79 Boy in Photo
    This is the one I tell my friends to listen to when I'm trying to get them first interested in the podcast. I just don't usually explain the premise of this particular episode to them tho cuz every time I've tried, it sounds a little bit creepy, so you just have to trust me.
  2. #56 Zardulu
    Magic, mystery, NYC! What more could a girl want?
  3. #53 In the Desert
    The best episode of Super Tech Support. Because apparently this is a podcast about the internet and technology but some episodes make you forget that a bit.
  4. #80 Flash!
    An installment of Yes Yes No feat. Jason Mantzoukas (of podcasting/UCB/movie fame but I know him from being funny af on Gilmore Guys!) and a missing turtle.
  5. #78 Very Quickly to the Drill
    A lot of interesting stuff here. Not like a cohesive story but lots of cool lil segments.
  6. #44 Shine on You Crazy Goldman
    Was personally v interested in this one.
  7. #5 Jennican
    Very early episode but also Mel's sister is named Jenny!
  8. #29 The Takeover
    A smart Australian teen made a Facebook group. True to the show's theme but also a very good episode.
  9. #86 Man of the People
    Who doesn't love a good con man story?? Also they're making this episode into a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. so get on board before it's cool. (Also my very favorite director is directing it so you know I'll be watching)