Frivolous Things I Want

I'm not the kind of girl who spends $200 on curtains, but I am the kind of girl who wants to!
  1. Curtains for my bedroom
  2. Chacos
    They're on sale rn at Nordstrom Rack, and I kinda wanna go for it, but they're also still like $80 for sandals
  3. Aviator Nation Hoodie
    TBH if I had over a hundred dollars to spend on a zip-up made in Venice, I should just put it aside and move to the West Side
  4. A piano
    I don't actually play at all, but I would if I had one!
  5. Rosetta Stone
    I've always wanted to learn Japanese, and I don't even know why
  6. Nail polish
    I only wear like two colors, but just give me all of them
  7. First editions of my favorite books
    They have a copy at The Last Bookstore but it's $300
  8. Beats by Dre
    These are not frivolous but they are $$$