Don't @ me k
  1. McConnell's is not the best ice cream in the world, it's not even the best ice cream in LA.
    (That's Salt & Straw.) People love it because they had it among the Santa Barbara backdrop, the Grand Central Market location is whatever. The Studio City location is right next to Salt & Straw.
  2. Birdman is a garbage movie.
    Fine, it's very well directed, and it lets you know it. All style over substance tho. 2015 was not a standout year for movies, but at least it made us excited for Damien Chazelle. He was freaking only like 28 when he did Whiplash. What have you done with your life??
  3. On Your Feet (the Gloria Estefan musical) is a better musical origin story than Jersey Boys.
    I'm from jersey, I probably too viciously defend nj sometimes, I expected to love Jersey Boys- my parents did. I was disappointed. But I was so pleasantly surprised by how good On Your Feet was, especially since unlike Frankie Valli, I had not grown up listening to the music. What an underrated gem.