1. Was leaving WeHo and my uber driver played me his latest rap single and asked me to follow him on Instagram.
    It was okay; nothing to write home about, but I followed him anyway cuz he seemed like his heart was in the right place!
  2. Again, was leaving WeHo, and had a very productive conversation with my fellow uber pool participants about which Trader Joe's in the Valley have the most parking.
    The girl in this pool was very drunk, but also extremely knowledgeable on this matter. Honestly a very useful and informative uber ride.
  3. Was going to Brentwood and my Lyft driver played me the entirety of Kendrick Lamar's Damn and explained all the cool dichotomies in it, as well as giving me context and history for different samples in it.
    This was awesome.
  4. Was leaving Van Nuys (trivia at MacLeod's is worth the trip) and my Lyft driver let my friends and I play/sing along to the entire Buffy musical episode soundtrack.
    We really suck at singing, so this was actually very nice of him.
  5. Complained to my uber driver last year about how everyone in LA was suddenly so into football because of the Rams, and he told me he was just hired to be an NFL trainer.
    It was only mostly awkward after that.
  6. An old man told me he loved driving for Uber because it gave him something to do with his time and more money to give his grandkids.
    Honestly, this made my day!