Bonus Points: If they look like they fit the mold too.
  1. Alexander Skarsgard
    The Tall
  2. Wolf Blitzer
    The Bold
  3. Bear Grylls
    The Rugged
  4. Gwenyth Paltrow
    The Goop-y
  5. Timothy Olyphant
    The Squinty
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch
    The Smaug
  7. William Shatner
    The Fractured of Speech
  8. Gilbert Gottfried
    The Extra Squinty
  9. Ed Westwick
    The Brow and Chin
  10. David Beckham
    The Fleet of Kicking Foot
  11. Tiny Fey
    The Brilliant
  12. Joaquin Phoenix
    Suggested by @sky
  13. Ian McKellen
    The Grey
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  14. Gordon Ramsay
    Suggested by @sebastian
  15. Edward Redmayne
    The glorious
    Suggested by @imc