I have about five minutes of formal fight training, but I feel passionate about this for some reason.
  1. Gravity doesn't seem to apply in modern fight sequences.
  2. When you need two heroes to defeat one villain it diminishes the power of the hero.
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  3. Fast editing to cover lack of fight experience.
  4. Haphazard pacing.
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    Fights should feel like dancing, but with higher stakes. They should have a mini three act structure and build to a satisfying finish. The first chase/fight in Casino Royale has a magnificent pace and they even increase elevation as it progresses, raising the stakes.
  5. Weapons don't seem dangerous anymore.
    When gravity doesn't apply and heroes don't feel pain or fear in any meaningful way then there are no stakes and we, as the audience, cease to care.
  6. Bad CGI makes a lot of fights feel like they're happening in front of a screensaver instead of in a real place, which also lowers the stakes.
    Suggested by @erinhickey
  7. Doesn't move the story forward. The fight serves as a transition between dialogue scenes.
    We can learn things about our hero in fights. Is she/he hesitant about the costs of continuing this journey? Did he/she learn about themselves in a meaningful way? Are they out of control?