Call me if you find them.
  1. A signed baseball card.
    It had a signature on it, but I don't remember which player signed it. I lost it somewhere near Tampa, FL.
  2. Every lens wipe I've ever been handed.
  3. My set walkie talkie
    I signed it out and everything
  4. All my phone chargers
  5. The little key card they give me for Yoga
  6. The little key card they give me for the grocery store.
  7. All the little key cards.
  8. All my DVDs.
    We stream things now.
  9. My punch card for free yogurt after ten purchases.
  10. My punch card for free coffee after ten purchases.
  11. All my punch cards.
  12. That coupon
  13. Every matching sock I've ever owned.
    I'm just going to throw them all out and start over I swear to god.
  14. That receipt for that very important thing, because taxes.
  15. My love for the state of Florida
  16. My ability to dance.
    I'm starting to think I never had this one.
  17. That one piece for the board game that makes the board game work as a board game.