Requested by @jcyvas
Notes for when inspiration strikes.
  1. A book with single pages of art between critical points in the story.
    Would be fun to have a page crammed with tons and tons of stuff, or barely anything at all. Also would be great for priming.
  2. Play with timing of when you introduce characters' flaws/strengths.
    Ex: Severus Snape
  3. Work on stream of consciousness styles.
  4. Include famous people as extras.
    So take an incident like Einstein buying coffee and write the story about the person who sold him coffee without mentioning Einstein's name but so the reader kinda guesses who it is.
  5. A satire.
  6. Write a short story using only preexisting song lyrics.
  7. Try to write out accents how they are pronounced, not how they should be spelled.
  8. Figure out how to write in a way that relates the feeling of being stressed.
  9. About the dead letter office.
  10. Fate acting through black out drunks (Tina on her 21st, the morning-beer alcoholic and the freshman tasting alcohol for the first time).
    Also, fate's passive aggressive relationship with AA.