1. Get 100% out of debt
  2. Get 3 months of expenses in savings
  3. Tour Washington D.C.
  4. Grow CeCe Decor to be enough to pay back Liz and pay ALL of our business household expenses
  5. Save 10% of every $
  6. Do the 3 day walk in every city until there is a cure
  7. Visit the boys once a month
  8. Play Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and St. Andrews
  9. Play in the senior US Open
  10. See my 4 kids get married
  11. Visit NY, Baltimore, Philly and Boston
  12. Get paid to be a business coach and consultant
  13. Help all kids pay college-no debt
  14. Build dream house-basement, wrap around porch, green flat yard, office, 5 BR,swing set, screen porch, chipping/putting area
  15. See Dallas Cowboys play
  16. Go to the Masters
  17. Go to Suoer Bowl
  18. Go to Copperstown
  19. Lead my wife well
  20. Own a lakehouse
  21. Give freely to less fortunate
  22. Help Christy become #1 designer speaker and teacher in Alabama
  23. Visit Normandy
  24. Write an inspirational book that makes it on Amazon