8 Things I Learned in High School

As I am graduating from high school in approximately 30 days, here are 8 important things I learned while in high school
  1. Me as a Freshman
  2. 1. Not everyone will like you
    This is a lesson I learned long before high school, but it was one that was truly verified to me in high school. Whether you're a freshman surrounded by upperclassmen or a senior surrounded by underclassmen, people won't always like you, and it shouldn't matter. As long as you have people surrounding you that care about you, the haters will never get to you.
  3. 2. You have to put yourself first
    I know this can be a hard thing to learn, but you CANNOT always surround yourself with people who will constantly mooch off of you. You also can't constantly be mooching off of other people. You have to ask for help when you need it, but do not make a habit of this. Otherwise, you will never challenge yourself and achieve your full potential.
  4. Me as a Sophomore
  5. 3. Sometimes your best friends will be teachers
    I can think of many teachers right now who are more important to me than some of my best friends. They are there to help you, and while mostly their help falls under the academic spectrum, they also can help you with some very important life problems. Never be afraid of your teachers because they are only there to help you.
  6. 4. Never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams
    A certain faculty member at our school is notorious for killing student's dreams, and this happened to me many times with her. My career goals are risky, and she always points out that "there aren't many jobs" or that "it's tough". I already knew that, and I would rather fight to do what I love than have it easy doing something I don't enjoy. Keeping this mindset can keep you motivated to block out the haters.
  7. Me as a Junior
  8. 5. Sometimes your friends aren't actually your friends
    People are fake, and you might realize this a few weeks into a friendship or a few years. The lesson to learn here is to figure out who is actually going to be there to help you in the tough times or who is just there to be there. Here's a very helpful hint: if you constantly fight with someone, you do not need them.
  9. 6. Don't take your anger out on others
    This is something I have a lot of issues with and I still do. I have a very short fuse and I tend to yell and say things I don't always mean. I have been working on this and I am doing a lot better, but it's still a problem. One thing that helps is trying to figure out if this problem will be something that will matter in a few days or even a few minutes. Learning to control your anger or release it in a healthy way is extremely beneficial.
  10. Me at a Taylor Swift concert before Senior Year
  11. 7. Sometimes you have to let go of what you love in order to see yourself grow
    I could go into a big long sappy story about how I gave up a friendship I had for 6 years and how it still hurts everyday, but it's just the same sad stories you've always heard. The important thing to learn from my story is that you won't always be able to see the outcome of your decisions, but sometimes you have to make the tough decisions in order to move on.
  12. 8. Learning to accept yourself for who you are is KEY to positive self-esteem
    Recently (forever), I've had a lot of issues with my self image. Specifically, I hate my body. My face is too chubby and my stomach is too big and American Eagle doesn't make socks for people with size 14 feet so they always slip off my feet. But I've been running more and I gave up soda for a while (I'm back on it) and I feel better about myself. I still have my issues, but I'm no longer making excuses and I'm learning to accept myself for who I am.
  13. Me as a Senior (with all of the filters and no braces)