We all know this is usually all crap but I intend to do these things. Please, believe me.
  1. Drinking more water.
    Two liters and a half per day at least.
  2. Expressing my feelings all the time, no matter what.
    Sometimes I create unnecessary, tense situations because I'm too lazy to talk. It'll also help me have a better and healthier relationship with everyone.
  3. Reading as many books as I can.
    Different genres, different topics. I just want to read. I'd love some book recommendations, by the way. I'll also learn more English by reading books (I'm from Spain, for those who didn't know), so, that's a big motivation to me.
  4. Being creatively active.
    I don't know how to do that though. I guess reading books will help. I want to write more songs. I need to improve. I need to feel confident. I need to fail and I need to get over the fear of failing.
  5. Figuring stuff out.
    I want to move to New York and I want to become a singer. I just don't know how to get there. So, I'm going to need to work on that. Pieces of advice are accepted and welcome.
  6. Having a healthier, more fruitful use of social media.
    Social media is powerful. I want to interact with lots of people and feel comfortable with the content I post.
  7. Learning how to cook.
    A few recipes at least, right!?!?
  8. Learning all sorts of things.
    Never stop learning. About anything. Life is more fun and rewarding when you learn.
  9. Paying more attention to everything and everyone.
  10. Painting my nails more often.
    Fuck, I love this shit.
  11. Saying "sorry" and "thank you" when I have to.
    This is an incredibly tough one for me. I'll work harder to get there.
  12. Loving myself, respecting myself, getting to know myself, believing in myself.
    Already on it. Gotta keep working ❤️
  13. Now tell me yours !!!
    I hope you all are healthy, happy, motivated, optimistic, positive and feeling safe. All the love in the world ❤️💛💚💙💜💗