Pictures from Christmas Eve

Wish I'd taken more, but here you have the ones I have.
  1. Dinner with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, little cousin (who was taking this picture), great-grandmother and I.
    I can't help thinking, What an awful lighting.
  2. Post-dinner. My aunt and I, drunk and fabulous.
    That nail color. I know 💅🏻
  3. Headdress my little cousin made for me.
    And my beautiful aunt !!! 🌹
  4. Picture I'm definitely posting on Instagram anytime soon.
    My Instagram username is guilleash 😏
  5. My grandma. All my glamour came from her.
    If looks could kill....
  6. Four generations of powerful, talented, breath-taking women.
  7. Drunken dancing. What else could you need to know?
  8. Picture I took of my beautiful cousin.
    This is already in my other family's house, from my dad's side.
  9. Picture I took of my gorgeous cousin.
    Those eyes could kill.
  10. My dad's friend, Mely, who I adore.
    She was drunk, too.
  11. Selfie for InstaStories. All is said.
  12. Hope your night was at least bearable.
    I'll go back to reading my book. All the love ❤️💛💚💙💜💗