Why I like li.st

li.st is a different kind of social media tool because
  1. It adds meaning to lives from other lives
  2. No bullshit to filter through to enjoy 'good' thoughts like facebook
  3. Intelligent insights from intelligent people.
  4. It's appealing to a thinking class of humans.
    Not the shallowness and superficiality I feel on other platforms.
  5. It's minimalisitic interface without any gimmicks is so non-distracting while thinking.
    As I read somewhere, iOS version may have some better features than android one but if you haven't experienced iOS app like I haven't, android one is great in itself.
  6. No trendy and unnatural content input like those ephemeral stories and aimless pictures. It's easy to fit in for people who are irritated by apps which shove certain methods on how to use 'their' app repeatedly.
  7. It's made with React Native ( for developers ) How cool ! Using Expo. Wow. Gives me hope that excellent mobile apps can be made without using the cringeworthy SDKs like android studio and xcode.