How have I made it through life this far?
  1. Hazmat stands for hazardous material.
    Thanks, Vince Gilligan, for giving me a reason to consider the notion.
  2. All UC colors are blue and yellow.
    "Ever notice Cal, UCLA, and SB have basically the same colors? Oh, and SD. And Dav—hold on..."
  3. "Busybody" does not mean "one who is busy."
    I think we'd be better off calling it "nosybody."
  4. The pizzas at Pizza Chicago are named after things about Chicago.
    Well, I'm ready to get beat up next year.
  5. My maternal grandparents are divorced, rather than living separately because "they just do."
    My mom told me the latter when I was 3 years old. Again, hadn't considered it since.
  6. I've never actually been to Ohio.
    Cincinnati Airport, what are you doing in Kentucky?