1. Door County, Wi
    My family has been going to this happy place for decades! We enjoy staying in Ephraim and spending time in Sister Bay, Fish Creek, Egg Harbor, etc! We typically go for the 4th of July and the fall festival!
  2. Grand Haven, MI
    One of my girlfriends has a cottage here and we typically take a fall girls trip for the weekend! I love taking a morning walk on the beach to the lighthouse and meditating.
  3. Laguna Beach, CA
    My cousins live up in the hills and I love watching the sunset in this special place.
  4. Amalfi Coast, Italy
    I went to this special place only once but hope to be back again. We stayed at a boutique hotel across from the warm beach and enjoyed everything lemon!
  5. Casa Bianca, Mykonos, Greece
    Also a one time visit to this happy place, mainly this villa that we stayed in! It was a small family owned B and B and everything about this place was special. The homemade Greek yogurt, the quaint pool, etc
  6. Marco Island, FL
    My brother in law has a house and condo in this special little place! I love the cute little dive bars, relaxing on the white sand beach and going to Doreen's for breakfast!
  7. Valencia, Spain
    A special town filled with lots of plazas, paella and relaxing beaches!
  8. Lawrence, KS
    I'm a jayhawk alum and this little special town will always be special to me! Mass street in particular!
  9. Wilmette, Il
    ...or wherever my family is! ☺️