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"What a contorted piece of pain he is"
  1. "What do you mean you've never eaten at (blank)!! Oh my god how have you gone so long?? You haven't lived yet"
    This goes for any piece of entertainment or leisure including drugs
  2. "Your a child"
  3. "Look, it's where I belong." *points to trash can*
    Maybe you could find an independent ego booster
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Or at least intriguing enough to put out
  1. "Do you ever think how crypto-Jews have to play dreidel in secret?"
  2. "Your yearly pen budget should only be enough to get you to your local bank and steal theirs"
  3. Why rob an art museum when you can spray paint "2002 senior prank, gold county high!"On the Mona Lisa
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Since negativity is such a bummer
  1. Any tie-dye paraphernalia
  2. Your reading a book only because it has a weird backstory/just is weird
  3. You listen/know the words to jimmy buffet songs because your parents(s) like him
  1. "Al Franken 2020!, comedy and politics are the Romulus and Remus to americas future!"
  2. "Republicans aren't evil, it's just that god couldn't make EVERY man in his image"
  3. "Let's just stick an Obama cardboard cutout in the window of the Oval Office!"
    Funny? Probably would have had to draw it^
  4. "Biden: Don't worry Barack, I hung a prayer rug over his portrait."
I'm loving it to death. So many challenges and accomplishments ahead.
  1. The cinematography is very VERY important to me. You can convey your entire theme or motif through just your shot list. I have high hopes and if they aren't perfect than we reshoot.
  2. Story is also key. I'm writing the script and it's wonderful. I'm learning a lot about myself, filmmaking, and others emotions as well. For example if I write something and it seems even remotely boring I cut it. Or if I write something that seems like it's been done before, I rewrite it.
  3. The crew voted that I be main actor, which I'm all good with, but as I watched dailys. Ugh. I think I need a lesson or two.
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A poem about the house where my spirit lives.
  1. Neither a mansion, nor a cabin
  2. More of a cottage with to little rooms
  3. And to many windows.
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  1. While writing the script there is not just semi-hard writing, there is both really easy and really hard writing
  2. Going into production with only a few simple pieces of gear and also not checking it before hand
  3. Charge your fucking laptop.
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  1. You use the phrase "fuck Clyde buffet right?"
  2. *bonus* when you weren't happy with the first draft of the joke and then end up using "fuck Clyde buffet right?"