This is a biggie
  1. While waiting at the stop a drunk man came up and said in a very rough tone "yo wanna fight?" I shook my head and said in my best very best taxi driver voice "nah no thanks man" to which he responded "no probs man"
    I was worried he wasn't going to take no for an answer and pull a knife count my lucky stars he was such a gentleman about it
  2. Very first day on the bus a couple started fighting with a woman about seating :/ extremely scary
    Toughened me up very quickly
  3. First week on bus a man came on super drunk and started talking to a lady I would say he was harassing her but she gave him her number??? She was grinning like a schoolgirl as he was grabbing her inner thigh. He kept saying "down to chill?" And she would respond "what about my parole officer" (seriously)
  4. CONT. After the lady left the guy started to repeatedly pass out very quickly and just when you thought he was asleep he would yell "FUck" and go back. After a few stops of doing this he started claiming to the bus driver (by yelling) he had lost 200 dollars on the bus
    Downfall of a cholo I guess
  5. Guy just laid down in the middle walkway because "arm was hurting" bus driver called security but wasn't for a few stops so we drove with this guys head hitting our heels
  6. Dude offered me and my friend some crack and even offered to let us try it to make sure it was good
    Crack is wack
  7. After getting off at my stop some very confused looking foreign tourists (their accent was British?? Maybe) asked for my help with paying the parking fee (it was literally just a giant metal box that you slip your money into that is all on the honor system) and couldn't figure out how to fold their dollar and put it in??
    Eventually they gave up and actually moved their car to the parking a lot across the street for the electronic meter
  8. Once Woman complained to the bus driver a guy sitting next to her was doing something annoying (I don't know what) so the bus driver pulled over and started telling the guy to get off. The man however didn't think he was doing anything wrong and started arguing with the driver (typical so I stared out the window)
    Arguing continues
  9. CONT. When I turned back I saw that the guy had pulled a knife and was waving it in front of my face! Like there was about a foot of clearance between my face and the knife (wasn't threatening me just waving it to scare the driver) bus driver stood his ground though and was about to take action
  10. CONT. Then another guy ran up and grabbed knife man and threw him out of the side door. Bus driver closed and locked doors BUT DIDNT PULL OUT THE BUS so we sat there as the knife man started working his way up and down the bus tapping on the windows with his knife yelling "IM GOING TO FUCKING CUT YOU PUTA"
    I can't believe I forgot this one