"What a contorted piece of pain he is"
  1. "What do you mean you've never eaten at (blank)!! Oh my god how have you gone so long?? You haven't lived yet"
    This goes for any piece of entertainment or leisure including drugs
  2. "Your a child"
  3. "Look, it's where I belong." *points to trash can*
    Maybe you could find an independent ego booster
  4. "Well my IQ is... (literally any number ever)
  5. "Wait hold on I'm sorry but did you just say you (blank) instead of (blank) hahah
    You understood what I meant and could tell I was passionate about what I was saying so why did you feel the need to stop me and laugh at me for such an idiotic reason?
  6. "Just use your shirt"
  7. "I'll just get it from gus"
  8. "That's such a small thing to be upset about"
    It doesn't really matter if I'm still upset, no?
  9. *someone says something I didn't hear or understand so I ask them to repeat. "Ugh nevermind"
  10. These☝🏼will all just get a head side turn, but I swear if someone calls out any friend or any undeserving human being I'm going D'onofrio on their ass
  11. Local