A branch off of @marymurphy 's list
  1. Platonic portion of the list \/
  2. I asked what your spirit animal was and you said snail because you felt slow and believed salt was dangerous
    Very solid reason
  3. You wore tye dye socks
    Bold move bro
  4. We both entered some names into a "name the sculpture contest" and they were A1
  5. Playing a "name the movie" game and each guess we found out we both loved that movie
    If that makes sense^
  6. When you went along with my "digital intercourse" bit
    It's funnier in real life I promise
  7. When you noticed the back of my shirt kind of looked like a lion turtle
    (That's why I bought it)
  8. Very UN-platonic portion starts here \/
    That means llllllooooovvvveeee
  9. We decided we needed a rad handshake and made like the shadow puppet bird thing with our hands
    It was cool and sweet yo
  10. I made a muppet movie reference and you got it
    It's a deal breaker
  11. I kinda accidentally stole your watch????? And you were chill with it
    Sorry about that by the way
  12. When you asked me if you could help write something
    It was sweet
  13. Same person as bird handshake* ~ You made this really cute like super super duper cute pouty lips face and did the double peace sign
    Makes her sound like someone she isn't actually just a pretty retro gal.