I'm loving it to death. So many challenges and accomplishments ahead.
  1. The cinematography is very VERY important to me. You can convey your entire theme or motif through just your shot list. I have high hopes and if they aren't perfect than we reshoot.
  2. Story is also key. I'm writing the script and it's wonderful. I'm learning a lot about myself, filmmaking, and others emotions as well. For example if I write something and it seems even remotely boring I cut it. Or if I write something that seems like it's been done before, I rewrite it.
  3. The crew voted that I be main actor, which I'm all good with, but as I watched dailys. Ugh. I think I need a lesson or two.
  4. All crew members NEED to get paid. Even if they say they will do it for free. Nothing is better thank a thank you with some cash.
  5. Have a backup plan. Constantly. A plan A, B, and C are required at all times. Especially for budgetary matters.
    Especially especially if your main source of funding is a gofundme page
  6. Act professional but don't forget to have fun. It's all about having fun.
    Is this cliche?
  7. The title needs to mean something on at least 4 different levels.
    This one is just to be pretentious and deep and crap.
  8. Oh and don't fuck with teamsters. They will end you.