*not recommended for everyone
  1. I only have one true rule in my life and that is to enjoy myself
  2. Like there are some lengthy quotes and cat posters saying things like "hang in there" but I just live by "have fun"
  3. Every day I try to learn something, and experience new things and ever since I started doing that, my life has become a super fun kids show
  4. I focus on the little things as well
    This one is super useful to just enjoy your day
  5. I try my best to make myself laugh just as much as someone else
  6. And don't get me wrong if something bad happens I show my emotions, but later I just make sure I make up for it by taking new paths, and seeing whether I can cheer up anyone else with my flamboyant cheerfulness
  7. (Usually it works)
    I say usually because some people don't like me trying to make jokes to cheer people up when something happens
  8. That's it