I recently founded a ping pong club for my school, here are some of the reasons why I'm extremely happy I made this decision
  1. It's only and hour after school on Wednesdays
    You don't have to commit to it every week, usually we have the 4-6 people who are always there, and then a few stragglers who show up and play until their ride gets there
  2. Little to no skill required
    People usually show up and give the excuse "I won't be good" it is so not true, every single person I have heard say that very quickly finds their groove and always has fun
  3. Usually snacks /and or/ music
    We play to win so it can get a tiny bit intense (usually laugh yelling about something) but it is a super chill environment and our "sponsor" always brings snacks of some kind and we occasionally play music (if we can agree on something)
  4. Good sports
    We have one old beat up regulation size table that we usually play doubles on, and a slightly smaller wooden cafeteria table that we play singles on, and after every game we fist bump and say good game
  5. Equipment relatively cheap
    You can get a table anywhere from 300-500 dollars and stuff like paddles and balls are pretty inexpensive
  6. I'm the Captain/Founder
    This means that I get to make the decisions and I have the power to get people to do stuff, I only ever use my power when I yell "every body say thanks to ms. Marcie for bringing the snacks on 3!! 1...2...3! Thank you ms.marcie!" When I do that it makes me feel like a camp counselor so I enjoy it.