in an attempt to be "different," droves of American students migrated to Cape Town in search of finding themselves -- taking with them some key material goods and personal habits that makes them easy to spot in the African Bush
  1. "Outdoor Wear" - regardless of whether or not Patagonia is necessary you bought it or already had it because you "like hiking" or "whatever, so much of Africa is outside that I feel like it's worth it"
  2. A North Face backpack
  3. A Hershel backpack - you're disdainful of the North Face backpack carriers and you probably go to a small liberal arts school, you care about "looking local"
  4. Multiple gold finger rings - you're excited to get more at local markets
  5. A latte - "because they're basically a dollar here!"
  6. A Samsung android - "I wanted a blackberry but Vodacom just, like doesn't have them anymore. I was excited for BBM but at least I can put Uber on here..."
  7. An Uber account - "Ubers are basically a dollar here!"