1. The NYTimes - check the homepage, gloss over the most recent Magazine center, linger on recipes and celebrations.
  2. The Atlantic - muse over the new web redesign... actually read very little.
  3. VICE - pick 3 of 20 articles on the home page, avoid the OpEd about real life vampires.
  4. VICE Munchies - an easy transition from the vice home page, remember why you hate it, don't stay long.
  5. VICE Noisey - far better. "Discover new favorite female rapper, DonMonique, and the Twitter of the girl who writes Rihanna's music. Remember why you "love" keeping up with the music scene. One of your downloads gets stuck on BitTorrent. You forget. You leave class and go to the library.
  6. SoundCloud - open immediately upon entering the library on the new music high. A perpetual favorite and very easy to remember why you LOVE it. Cruise strongly till you hear a bad remix.
  7. Ticketmaster - maybe you would go see Taylor Swift in concert again.... As an enlightened white girl feminist you're anti white girl feminism, fuck Taylor Swift.
  8. Lena Dunham on the other hand... No, you hate her too. You're not sure why.
  9. Now you're on something about Karlie Kloss's intro to programming class and tech start up. You wonder how your body could look like Karlie's and vow to exercise. You close your computer to go get a coffee. You do not exercise.