Inspired by @ListPrompts. Certain to be as boring a list as ever was writ.
  1. 7:00am: Wake up, get @sophster out of bed using one of my varied techniques. Send her to the shower.
  2. 7:10am: Make breakfast for @sophster, artfully arrange it on the table. Time permitting, unload the dishwasher and deal with any mess from breakfast or from the night before.
  3. 7:25am: Call out "Sophia hurry up." Get yelled at. Say "Hey dude if you want lunch you better get in here and make it." Sophie comes in, looks at my beautiful breakfast and says "I'm not really hungry. Sorry Poochie!" I am ok with this because I was the same way at her age. Set her to packing her lunch.
  4. 7:30am: Take a shower. Shave. Dress.
  5. 7:55am: Catch Sophie playing on the iPad with no shoes on, and no lunch packed. Yell at her. List App a bit while I scoot her along. Maybe tidy up a bit.
  6. 8:00am: Drive Sophie to school, then drop the car off at my wife's work. Pop in and say hi. Ride the train home.
  7. 8:30am: Eat my breakfast. Almost always yogurt with a quarter cup of fiber one on top. (Never mixed in, never underneath!) Sometimes an egg over medium with some small tomatoes and a few big mushrooms sautéed in the same pan.
  8. 8:40am: Facebook, read the news, deal with personal email as needed. Check my calendar to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.
  9. 9:00am: Sit down at my desk to work. Start by combing through email, catching up on discussions, and reviewing my assigned tasks.
  10. 10:00am: Do some focus work, have some meetings, etc...
  11. 12:00pm: Make a quick lunch. Usually cured meats (salami, prosciutto...) a bit of cheese, and lots of veggies. Or celery with peanut butter and lots of veggies. Or cottage cheese with pepper and tomatoes and lots of veggies. A little bread too. Always lots of veggies because I AM HEALTH. If I'm lucky, meet my wife for lunch someplace around town.
  12. 12:30pm: If I'm lunching alone, take a short walk if it's nice out. Sometimes grab a Diet Coke while I'm out.
  13. 12:50pm: If I'm not super busy at work, think about dinner plans. Maybe put something in the crock pot if that sounds good.
  14. 1:00pm: Back to work, meetings, etc...
  15. 3:00pm: Start wanting a snack. Eat a bit of dark chocolate or an apple or peanuts or beef jerky or whatever.
  16. 5:30pm: Make and or finish dinner time permitting. (My wife makes dinner too!) Sometimes I end up working later (and of course sometimes I work all evening but that's not super common.)
  17. ~~~Here's where things start to vary by day~~~
  18. Mondays: Try to have family time. Hang with Sophia, watch a movie together, do a project, etc...
  19. Tuesdays: Once a month I have a book discussion and dinner with my dad. Once a month I have a church appointment. And I usually schedule "whatever else" on Tuesday nights if possible. Visiting people, helping people with stuff, etc... And if we're free, have a date night with my wife avoiding Friday night crowds.
  20. Wednesdays: Go to church at 6:45pm with the girls. They have "mutual" (youth group essentially—crafty stuff, projects, service opportunities, field trips) and I do appointments with church members who need food, commodity, or financial assistance. Usually four-six appointments each Wednesday night. Done by 8:30-9:00.
  21. Thursdays: Once a month I have a church Boy Scout correlation meeting at 7:00 and every Thursday I have another church correlation meeting at 8:30. House cleaners and yard guy come Friday morning so we also tidy any messes Thursday night.
  22. Fridays: Varies. Date night, house projects, family time. Lately we've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a family when everyone is home (kind of rare alas.)
  23. ~~~Back to our regularly scheduled programming~~~
  24. 10:00pm: Sophie to bed. If I've had lots of work interruptions I may do a few hours of focus work. Or clean the kitchen. Or personal projects (tax time here we come...). At least once or twice a week I try to make time here to read for 1 to 1.5 hours.
  25. 11:30pm: To bed. Ideally. But I'm a night owl so these things will cause me to stay up later than I should: A cool list I'm writing. A cool work project I'm in to. A cool book I'm reading. An interesting article I'm reading. Tech news I'm following. Movie previews I want to watch. Or the existence anywhere of anything even remotely interesting.
  26. That's it. If you read this far you probably should get to sleep.