1. Letter from Stephen Fry to a fan suffering from depression.
  2. Letter from Carl Sandburg to his 10 year old daughter at the start of a long battle with disease.
  3. Letter from the brilliant E. B. White to a fan worried about the bleak outlook for the human race.
  4. Letter from Kurt Vonnegut to a recently widowed fan.
  5. Letter from former slave Jourdan Anderson to his former master declining the offer to return.
  6. Letter from J. K. Rowling responding to a young fan facing terrible hardship.
  7. Letter from Kurt Vonnegut to a high school class on the importance of creativity in everyday lives.
  8. Letter from pioneering psychologist William James, brother of Henry James, to his daughter who was struggling in school.
  9. Harsh but honest and encouraging letter from F. Scott Fitzgerald to an aspiring writer.
  10. Letter from Roald Dahl to a fan thanking her for the gift of a dream.