1. A letter to the family of a Lockerbie bombing victim from the family on whose property his body landed, four years on.
  2. A letter from a 16th century Korean widow to her recently deceased husband.
  3. A letter with a lifetime's worth of advice from a mother on the eve of her execution.
  4. A letter from the great physicist Richard Feynman to his deceased wife 16 months after her passing.
  5. A letter from Charles Dickens to his wife in which he couldn't bring himself to quite tell her their child had just died.
  6. A letter from a 12 year old girl to her comatose father, the victim of senseless violence.
  7. A letter from a Morton Thiokol engineer six months prior to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster warning of potential catastrophic failure due to O-ring corrosion.
  8. Letter from a mother to the Department of the Navy inquiring about the status of her five sons who are rumored to have perished together on a vessel lost at sea. Includes reply from Franklin Roosevelt.
  9. Short note from Johnny Cash to his recently deceased longtime wife, June Carter.
  10. Letter from Ken Kesey to his friends after burying his son.
  11. "Anonymous" letter sent by the FBI to Martin Luther King Jr. encouraging him to end his own life.
  12. Theodore Roosevelt's diary entry on the day his mother and young wife both died.