Inspired by @ListPrompts. I don't take a lot of pictures.
  1. January: Reached my goal weight.
  2. February: Made this awesome Lego wall hanging for my little friend.
  3. March: Attended the funeral of my last living grandparent. At her house I snapped a picture of this picture of my beautiful mom and sister.
  4. April: My girls surprised me with an awesome homemade dinner of carnitas tacos, fish tacos, pollo asado tacos, homemade salsas, and mangoes. Took this picture of them after we ate.
  5. May: My wife graduated. 🎉
  6. June: Getting ready to send @sophster off to France for 6 weeks.
  7. July: And off @imc goes to Rome for Latin study abroad.
  8. August: Got my first Amazon Dash button. This thing makes me so happy.
  9. September: Watched the lunar eclipse from the hospital parking lot with my dad after my mom had a heart valve replacement.
  10. October: @sophster played the police officer in Annie Jr. at a local youth theater.
  11. November: @imc played Tituba in The Crucible at school.
  12. December: Got two new cats including this little monster that climbs all over me while I work.