This was inevitable right? Also it was hard... Thanks to @imc and @sophster for the help!
  1. Cat, skeleton
  2. Snow White, ninja, construction worker, fairey
  3. Plumber
  4. Ghost
  5. Football player
  6. Queen, Jedi
  7. Chewbacca, zombie bride, Indiana Jones (or maybe Lara Croft — does she have a whip?)
  8. Doctor, princess, mom with baby not dressed up
  9. Girl in poodle skirt
  10. Taco, business man, Trojan, skeleton
  11. Three agents from the matrix, hobo, farmer, princess, ninja turtle spider man
  12. Angel, ninja, princess, peasant girl, a renaissance girl
  13. Piggie
  14. Clark Kent, a doughnut
  15. My little pony, Captain America, princess
  16. Captain America
  17. Zombie cheerleader, "a wizard from Harry Potter trying to dress up as a muggle"
    I loved these two girls. 💯
  18. Power ranger, pumpkin, pony, rabbit, peacock, Santa Clause
  19. Teenager in rubber mask
  20. Pumpkin, leopard, Superman, Darth Vader, Batman, skeleton
  21. Darth Vader, Audrey Hepburn, 2 x guy from myth busters, Kylo Ren, 2 x princess, Mario, Mickey Mouse
  22. Robin (from Batman), angry bird, girl in poodle skirt
  23. Transformer, hunter
    The hunter confused me. Black clothing, white shoulders, dragon symbol on the chest?
  24. Princess, muscly police officer, teenager not dressed up
  25. Spider-man, witch
  26. "From the movie Descendants", Indiana Jones, fire fighter, Frankenstein's monster, mad scientist
  27. Man who fell down a mountain, banana, astronaut, little red riding hood, 3 x police officer, clown
  28. "Famous YouTube-er" (didn't catch the name — something-cupcake maybe), skeleton warrior
  29. Police officer, creeper from mine craft, 2 x court jester, 2 x vampire, skeleton, gladiator
  30. Witch, princess, skeleton
  31. Zombie, Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Princess
  32. 2 x Cowboys fans, witch, spider man, 2 x pirate, princess, ninja, queen of hearts
  33. Flapper, musketeer, cowgirl, witch
  34. A very polite batgirl
  35. 2 x Lady bug, minion, skeleton, monster, dru from Despicable Me, princes Leia, [lost track here]
  36. Princess Leia, Captain America, snake, 2 x dog, mummy, princess, turtle
  37. Man dressed entirely in white (?), gladiator
  38. Storm trooper, master chief, princess, cowgirl, zombie, jedi, Greek goddess
  39. Elsa, Doctor, girl from The Ring, werewolf, zombie, skeleton, pumpkin, reindeer
  40. Hunter, ninja, princess, storm trooper, werewolf, skeleton, elegant lady, girl in poodle skirt
  41. Burlesque-ish whatever, clown, 2 x princess, Snow White, dog, cat, teenager not dressed up, rubber mask, Greek goddess
  42. Captain America, ninja, horse, ladybug, 2 x princess, skeleton, storm trooper, elephant, hulk, mouse
  43. Astronaut, Buzz Lightyear
  44. 2 x cat, ninja, warrior, heart, goddess
  45. 2 x vampire, pirate, cat
  46. Batman
  47. Mini Mouse, 2 x burglars, 50s girl
  48. Rubber mask
  49. 2 x witch, burgler, spider man, superman, graduate
  50. Vampire, sugar skull
  51. Tooth fairy
  52. Eyore, sugar skull, 2 x walking dead fan, batman
  53. Elsa, vampire, little red riding hood
  54. 19 people in a rush, totally lost track but there were 2 x Tom Cruise from Risky Business (shockingly they weren't together and the second didn't know about the first), a muscle man, a my little pony, and a nerd
  55. 2 x "from The Descendants", pirate, Woody
  56. Elsa, Pocahontas, Anna from frozen, cat
  57. Super girl, spider girl, 2 x vampire
  58. Rainbow dash, witch, power ranger, Sophia the first
  59. Lost soul
  60. "Monkey who lost his pigment"
  61. 2 x witch, zombie monster, skeleton
  62. Cowgirl, cowboy, ballerina, pirate
  63. Captain America, power ranger, Ant Man
  64. Hulk
  65. Zombie bride
  66. Spider-Man, fairy, alien, pikachu, scream mask, ninja
  67. Werewolf, witch, scary clown, cat
  68. Mini Mouse, zebra
  69. 2 x soccer player, nerd, "dead school person", Mr. Incredible, ninja, ninja turtle, Elsa
  70. Bee, "the emperor of evil", crybaby, dog