Inspired by @kates08
  1. My mom. Super kind, meticulous, patient, loving, supportive, funny, bookish, stern when she needs to be, a major people person, educated, retired nurse, and a total hottie.
    She can make a best friend in the elevator, she makes killer lasagna, she always makes something special for each kid when we visit, and she is fiercely loyal to my dad. What I'm saying is she is 💯.
  2. My big sister. Brilliant, outspoken, passionate about feminism and equal rights, highly educated, art historian, and super-determined.
    She taught me to ride a bicycle, bragged about me to her friends and all around made me feel like the coolest guy in the world. And she read my school papers, gave me feedback, and was always super supportive. See the next list item because I seriously won the big sister lottery.
  3. My other big sister. Deeply loving, compassionate to a fault, beautiful, selfless, powerful, SAHM former social worker, irreverent and hilarious.
    She used to play blackjack with us for candy — she bought all the candy and made sure we had fun. She told me I was handsome when I was a moody teenager. She took me out for breadsticks all the time and one time when a friend from school came in she said "ooh you know him? Pretend I'm your college aged girlfriend from out if town. It'll be hilarious." She now dedicates herself to caring for and educating her beautiful autistic boy.
  4. My aunt. Professional, generous, balanced, loving, smart, fit, savvy investor, and an amazing gardener.
    She was my second mom, and we spent many weekends and even weeks living at her house a few miles away. Although she worked hard as a dermatologist she had an incredible capacity to say no to excess busyness and to be content in all areas of her life. She has the most beautiful flower gardens you have ever seen. And she loves, supports, and is generous with absolutely everyone. (Pictured here with my beautiful cousins and her new baby boy.)