Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
  1. Number of unread emails:
    Two because it's been a 20 minutes since I last triaged.
  2. First app checked in the morning.
    Email. Just in case.
  3. Most used app.
    Fantastical, List App, Apple News, Facebook, Notes are the big ones. Not sure what's most.
  4. Most liked photo on Instagram.
    I've never used Instagram but this is my most liked photo on Facebook. It's a picture I found of my wife and I in high school.
  5. Most recent Uber ride.
    I've never hailed an Uber. I tried once but the app just kept giving me a connection error. I did ride in someone else's Uber once. San Francisco from a bar back to the hotel because the weenies I was with said it wasn't safe to walk at night. I still don't believe them. That was last summer.
  6. Most RTd tweet.
    I killed my Twitter account but it was this gem: "I consider it a loss to humanity that Terry Gross will never be able to interview Terry Gross." With around 200 retweets. This was an outlier. My second biggest was "Chuck Norris tweets 141 characters." with like 10 retweets.
  7. Favorite emoji.
    According to my recents it is ❤️ but my real favorite is 😶. I just love him or her so much.
  8. Outgoing voicemail message.
    A desperate plea to please just email/text me instead along with a warning that I probably won't listen to the message you leave.