1. Bud Starling
    Audubon chapter president in Indianapolis, lead bird watching tours in Eagle Creek park when I was a kid.
  2. Doug Bowser
    Recently-appointed VP of Sales at Nintendo.
  3. Bernie Madoff
    Self explanatory.
  4. Armand Hammer
    Former board member of Arm & Hammer (for real).
  5. Dick Cheney
    Self explanatory.
  6. William Headline
    CNN Bureau Chief.
  7. Thomas Crapper
    Plumber and outspoken early proponent of the flush toilet.
  8. Lance Bass
    Sang the bass part for ★NSYNC.
  9. J.P. Pickens
    Accomplished banjo player.
  10. Mark Shuttleworth
    Notable space tourist.
  11. Anthony Weiner
    Self explanatory.
  12. Richard Smalley
    Notable nanotech pioneer.
  13. John Henry Poynting
    Namesake of the Poynting Vector, the directional energy flux.
  14. Christopher Coke
    Drug lord.