The tv lists reminded me of my parents' penchant for taking me to movies I probably shouldn't have been at. I was the youngest and I think they just got tired of kid movies and, apparently, babysitters.
  1. Age 4: Jaws
    Scarred me for life.
  2. Age 7: My Dinner with Andre
    My friend was spending the night. When dad got home from work he said, "Want to go see a movie?" This is what we saw. My friend never let me live it down.
  3. Age 8: Poltergeist
    Our piano teacher said it was the scariest movie he'd ever seen and I thought, "I'm never going to that!" 24 hours later there I was in line. This movie ripped open the scar left by Jaws, and then maggots came pouring out of it.
  4. Age 10: The Fly
    It is possible that by this point in my life I was so easily spooked that this relatively tame movie seemed scarier than it was. But at one point I'm fairly certain Jeff Goldblum vomits digestive fluid on someone's hand dissolving it to the bone. Gross.
  5. Age 13: Blaze
    I'll let you decide if this is appropriate for a 13 year old. I certainly liked all the boobies. There were many others like this. This is just the one I remember most ... vividly.