Inspired by @BWN_7 / CORRECTED
  1. 6.
    Honorable Mention: Rainforest Crunch
    Why don't they make this anymore? I think it might have been discontinued 20 years ago but it was so very very good.
  2. 5.
    Mint Chocolate Cookie
    This takes cookies and cream to a new and better place. Also, gigantic cookie pieces as nature intended.
  3. 4.
    Coffey Heath Bar Crunch
    This maybe should be illegal it is so good. I grew up eating coffee ice cream and then was kind of surprised to learn that a lot of people think it is weird. Not weird: delicious.
  4. 3.
    Chunky Monkey
    Walnuts, big chunks of dark chocolate, and mild inoffensive banana flavor. 😍
  5. 2.
    Americone Dream
    I don't really like caramel much but this makes up for it with crunchy cone bits and dark chocolate. It is so so so good.
  6. 1.
    Cherry Garcia
    We agree on this. Truly excellent flavor.