In which you see why I don't get much literature read these days. Inspired by @bookishclaire.
  1. RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0 by Bull Burke
    I've been doing REST APIs in Rails for several years and I did oodles of Java web work back on the heady days of servlets and that fancy new "struts" but I'm new to JAX-RS so I burned through this book a couple weeks ago. Good solid book and really impressive framework.
  2. Designing Data Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann
    I'm not sure I can claim to have finished this because it is one of the O'Reilly early access books meaning the author's not done writing it yet. But I read the first seven chapters which is where it currently stops. This is a very good book that surveys the landscape and puts a lot into perspective.
  3. Programming Scala by Dean Wampler and Alex Paybe
    I only read parts of this and skimmed the rest. Not sure how interested I am but it was recommended. I'll give it a thorough read soon-ish.
  4. The complete developer documentation for Redis 3.0 and Redis Cluster
    Reading docs is always dry but I'm mildly obsessed with reading every word for any software I start using seriously so I forced my way through it. I'll probably re-read most of it in a few weeks.
  5. Evening in the Palace of Reason by James Gains
    Started this last month, will finish this week. It would break my fathers heart to hear me say this, but I find the parts about Frederick the Great way more interesting than the parts about Bach but all of it is pretty great.