This is why reading on the web sucks.
  1. Not sizing pictures so the stuff I'm reading moves around as parts continue to load.
  2. Splitting an article into several pages for no reason at all except boosting page views.
  3. Ads that make noise.
  4. Ads that take over the whole screen and load slowly enough that I accidentally click on them.
  5. Ads that open a new page or, even worse, another app.
  6. Things that disappear when I start scrolling and reappear when I stop.
  7. Overriding standard iPhone scroll behavior and trying to mimic it yourself with touch-tracking. You will fail.
  8. Pictures and sidebars that overlap the text if I zoom in.
  9. Ads that open on touch instead of tap so I trigger them when I'm trying to scroll.
  10. Anything that scrolls inside a page that scrolls.
  11. Ads that look like links to more articles except that they're articles I would never actually want to read.
  12. Impossible-to-not-look-at pictures associated with those article-ads. Like boobs in tight t-shirts and guys with weird muscles.
  13. Headlines that way over-promise.