Inspired by @semioccasional by way of @biz
  1. Reading @imc's poetry.
    Perennial winner of the high school poetry contest, poet laureate of the school, and she sometimes lets me brag.
  2. Giving @sophster her first Bomb Pop yesterday.
    Somehow she's 14 and has never had them before. I failed as a father somewhere along the way. Also, only 40 calories?! I'll take 10 please.
  3. Running a suite of unit tests after a big refactor.
  4. Embarrassing but if we're being honest here:
  5. Filling up my circles.
  6. Seeing Pluto up close for the first time after imagining it all my life.
  7. Baking. The closest thing to real magic.
  8. Looking up at night.
  9. Chamomile tea. It's just dried flowers (?!), but it warms me up, tastes so good, and makes me happy.
  10. Being smiled at when you're nervous.