1. What was up with Caillou's hair? Also what was up with Caillou?
  2. So, can Ernie and Bert get married now?
  3. You never really saw Emily Elizabeth with a giant plastic baggie.
  4. Did anybody ever stop to think that maybe Oscar would engage with society in a more positive way if we provided him with a decent place to live? And stopped referring to him in a derogatory way? I'd be grouchy too...
  5. Was The Electric Company anti-renewables propaganda?
  6. Who's going to break it to Arthur that he's obviously not an aardvark?
  7. Thomas the Train was the creepiest thing ever shown on television. It made Tales from the Crypt seem like the Hallmark after school special.
    This is not a question. It is a fact.
  8. Why, if this is the land of make-believe where you can literally make up whatever you want, did you make Lady Fairchild such a meanie? Was make believe not real enough or something?
  9. Was the central theme of Angelina Ballerina that even if you're a little bit stupid you can still be successful in an artsy way?
  10. Was there ever anything as cool as dinosaurs or as lame as Barney? This is a contradiction.
  11. Speaking of Mr. Rogers, he really could hear me, right? I mean he asked questions and I answered and he praised me and IT WAS REAL RIGHT?
  12. Nine Pumpkin Pies: Best Sesame Street skit or best skit period?