A few of the lesser-knowns.
  1. A Cantaloupe of Antelope
  2. A Trump of Rich Racist Misogynists
  3. A Shitstorm of Shitzus
  4. A Please-Kill-Me of Parakeets
  5. A Cuddle of Crocodiles
  6. A Pedantry of Oxford Comma Demanders
  7. A Kill-Switch of Kindles
  8. A Modicum of Angry Mobs
  9. A Why of Four-Year-Olds
  10. A Laundry of List Appers
  11. A Scout of Harper Lee Novels
  12. A Contradiction of Sacred Texts
  13. A Prius of Whole Foods Shoppers
  14. A Crayola of Modern Artists
  15. A Narcissism of Facebook Posts