1. I didn't invite any of you to my bar mitzva
    On a technicality; I'm no Bianca Zimmer. I went to a b'not mitzvah once. The ceremony part, not the the party part. It was lovely. I figured out the "Moshe" means "Moses" be listening and reading along and was proud of myself.
  2. I secretly think I would adore the "bear don't eat my kayak" lady if I knew her in real life.
    For reference: http://bit.ly/1j5Y6fn She just seems slightly insane and very sweet, gosh darnit, and those are some of my favorite people.
  3. I started Infinite Jest but didn't finish.
    All that phonetic vernacular stuff killed me. Nobody's got time for that. I love love love DFW's essays and interviews.
  4. I never want to do the good things I do but when I finally do them I'm always glad I did.
    You're all this way too, right?
  5. I love captain crunch with crunch berries.
    Love. LOVE.