Inspired by @kcupcaker. It's not lost on me the fact that none of these women would be particularly interested in an introverted homebody like me :)
  1. Elizabeth Bennett
    Straight up in love with her. Smart, independent, determined, brave, self aware.
  2. Beatrice from Much Ado about Nothing
    Funny, witty, passionate, complicated.
  3. Eponine
    Granted she's not in the best shape, health wise. Oh and she's dead. But she will always be special to me because she overcame so much for love and let it go anyway.
  4. Alejandra from All the Pretty Horses
    "Buenas tardes she said." Sigh.
  5. Elphaba
    Misunderstood genius.
  6. Jane from the Ender series
    This would be complicated by the fact that she has no body but she is smart, empathic, and powerful, and she definitely knows how to love.
  7. Éowyn
    Compassionate, loyal, beautiful, overlooked, and totally awesome.
  8. Charlotte Lucas
    Smart and sensible and most of all I could save her from a loveless marriage.