1. The time in second grade when I just really wanted to kiss her and my teacher taught me about boundaries.
  2. That time in fourth grade when Carrie said I was really funny and I fell madly in love with her because of it.
  3. The time in fifth grade when Tiffany informed me we were going together for the day.
    And I was expected to kiss her in the back field at recess.
  4. That time in sixth grade when Tina just started holding my hand at the skating rink and I was like "oh ok" and went with it.
  5. That time in seventh grade when Tricia said her hands were cold and I warmed them up in my hands.
  6. That time in eighth grade when Phyllis said "I like you" but she said it in a silly voice and I wasn't sure what to make of it so I never did anything.
  7. That time in eighth grade when Nancy said I had a cute butt.
  8. That time in eighth grade when Karen smiled at me after the teacher got me in trouble and it made me feel entirely better.
  9. That time Freshman year when Jenn cried and I just wanted to make her feel better but I thought I would be a creep if I hugged her so I didn't.
  10. The time Sophomore year when Nikki made fun of my poor spelling then said I was really really funny.