1. Chocodiles
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    I hate twinkles but Chocodiles are kind of yummy.
  2. Salsa Verde Doritos
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    The first one tastes so gross. The second one is like eh, not so bad. And then they become delicious. This effect lasts for about an hour.
  3. Those rectangular ice cream sandwiches
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    If I think hard about them while eating they taste like plastic and butane. But if I distract myself they taste like heaven.
  4. Twizzlers
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    Man they're so nasty. Maybe if I eat three at a time I'll get through the package faster. (Side note: red vines are straight up gross and if you eat them and are anyone other than my poor confused wife or daughter, I don't like you.)
  5. Strawberry Poptarts
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    Gah. So pasty and gross. I never ever buy a whole box. I don't want to know that much about myself.
  6. Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries
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    Who am I kidding. There's nothing gross at all about this one true wonder of the breakfast cereal aisle.